For a long time, I’ve been in search of the best business web directory script or software that I can use for some domains I own. More specifically, domain which I bought from a fellow webmaster who don’t have any use for it but will fit exactly our travel agency business.

Other than that domain, I have a very vested interest to build a directory website mainly because it brings in some advertising money, eventhough some will consider them pocket change. Well, pocket change it is but what’s important to me is that those small earnings when added up, still puts food on the table.

Anyway, in searching for the best business web directory software, I have purchased and tried at least two popular webmaster scripts. Among them phpLD and phpLinkBid directory listing script.

Now, if you have been in the internet webmastering business as long as I had been, you’ll probably be requiring a directory php script that has the following features:

1) General script that can be customized to your niche

2) Have both free and paid directory features which you can modify to strictly paid or strictly free

3) Coded to be search engine friendly

4) Have a built-in blog interface for easy SERP indexing using the blog post – most preferably WordPress

5) Directory templates must have corresponding article or blog template

Those are five must-have features of a directory link script that I was looking for. PhpLD have the features from 1 to 3, while phpLinkBid is a bidding directory, meaning you have to bid to get a link and therefore, no free listing feature.

But both directory listing script have no built-in blog in them that can be very useful for link building and promotion purposes.

Also, both directory listing script are easily hacked. I remember having to uninstall and then re-install those scripts a couple of times because some hackers were able to get in on one of the files or something. If I remember it right, in phpLD it was the index file in the templates folder where hackers found the softwares’ vulnerability. In fairness to phpLinkBid, it was probably only once that I had a problem with it but not with phpLD. I really had a tough time with that bugger.

It’s not really difficult adding WordPress in another folder or subdomain for both directory script but what’s really the concern I had with this kind of set up is the slower response time and the sharing of the same database when it is hosted in an account which allows only one database to use, like those dollar a month hosting. Another is, you have to ask someone to code a WordPress template for you based on the the template of the directory template you’re using. Otherwise, your directory site will look very different from your blog or article site. You know what I mean?

Those were real turn-offs. For average directory site owners, shelling out money everytime you need a mod for your site just to make it conform to your liking is not wise. Most directory sites, or at least majority of them, offer listings for free, so why make the site owner spend more money than the script itself when all they get in return are adcents?

That is why, when I read about a directory script running inside WordPress, I immediately looked it up and read about.

Directory Press is the name of the directory template script and was coded by Premium Press by Mark Fail. Like I said, it is a directory template script designed for WordPress and so it has all the functionalities of a WordPress blog and a directory link script all-in-one! It’s the perfect theme for a directory site, that’s why I say it is the best business web directory script to come out. It is also very affordable at $79 for the average directory site owner like me.

The theme script can function as a General directory or as a Link Bid directory, therefore has the features of phpLD and phpLinkBid! How cool is that! Mark Fail must be a genius for coming up with it.

Now that I found the best business web directory script available, goodbye phpLD and phpLinkBid! After spending about 3 hours, my Filipino travel agency directory is how I want it to be – next project, convert all of my 5 other web directory real estate to Directory Press. Beautiful!

So, if you are in the market searching for a directory script, try Directory Press – I’m sure you will love it as I did.

(Update: I’m not recommending this script anymore. It’s a pain to maintain and update.)