Which is the better traffic source – pay per click campaign or organic search for better a keyword ranking?

This is what I’d been thinking after reading about the latest Google slap of review sites as what some pay per click marketers are complaining lately in their blogs.

I love promoting affiliate marketing products in pay per click. It is the fastest way of advertising an affiliate product or even a site of your own products. You only need a few hours of your time to research and launch your campaign thru Adwords, Yahoo Search or MSN Adcenter – and depending on cost per click of selected keywords, your ads may land in the first page of the search page in only hours.

What I do not like about PPC campaign promotion is that, with the recent proliferation of keyword ranking spy softwares, it has become easy for any competition to find out about your converting campaigns, duplicate it and drive up the cost per click.

Now, add to that Google slap and some other search engine penalty crap, PPC marketing has become not only very competitive but also frustrating to an internet marketer. Especially to those who are new to the game.

The search engines, we cannot blame them for continually changing their rules or algorithm. They are in the business of providing helpful search results to their customers and so it is only natural for them to keep improving their search capabilities. If they don’t, they will be out of business in no time.

Other affiliate marketers, specially the ones who were able to build up their wealth first, will not stop at anything to drive the competition out of business. They will use their money to create what they believe is the best keyword ranking spy software so they’ll get first hand information on their competition’s campaign. Thus, the proliferation of this kind of computer programs.

So, what then is another way to promote offers online and be on the first page of search even without advertising via PPC for more traffic?

What I did was to go back and brush up on my search optimization skills and get outside help for the promotion of my sites.

I was already becoming very well versed in search engine optimization when I started to get curious about keyword ranking during the early years of my involvement with webmastering. In fact, it was somewhat accidental when I was able to rank our business website to number 1 of a keyphrase that has brought in so much business for us during our entire time of operation, an accident that triggered a more in-depth research on the subject.

Only one thing has put me off in continuing to become very good in search optimization marketing – it is so time consuming.

It’s ok if you are to promote only one site to get to the top of natural search. But, once you get involved with affiliate marketing, you are talking about creating site after site after site of products or niches that you are pitching to the internet buying public.

That’s a VERY HUGE job! I know, because I tried doing it. I tried a short cut way by buying softwares, articles, website templates and PLR products to create my affiliate sites but it didn’t worked.

Not one website created using the ready-made-products method ranked in organic search. Frustrated, I turned my attention to PPC.

But like mentioned above, PPC advertising has flaws and I don’t think it’s smart to just concentrate on it if you wanted to stay in this industry alive.

At least for me, though I still advertise in PPC, I now back up my web campaigns with a touch of search optimization methods that will keep my keyword ranking in the top organic results, of course with a little business outsourcing help.

So, to answer the question at the beginning of this post – keyword ranking in organic search is the best traffic source for me because it is not easy to duplicate even with the proliferation of keyword spying softwares. If you know how, not even the best pay per click marketer (assuming he or she is concentrated only in PPC) can match your keyword ranking in the search engine results.