As part of becoming seriously involved in affiliate marketing, getting training to broaden my understanding of the business has become my earliest priority. In the early days (or months or years) of trying to educate myself with this new found interest, I became a willing victim to “make easy money” methods floating online by way of ebooks and subscription in some membership sites.

Not a smart move. Hoping to shortcut my way to profitability, I made a stupid, gullible decision. The most stupid of it all is that, I stuck with the said membership site longer just because they offer free credits in a keyword research site which is affiliated with them. I eventually quit and lost money without gaining any benefit from both.

Because of that bad and expensive experience, I became more suspicious of membership sites that’s purported to teach you the inner workings of making money on affiliate marketing. I didn’t give up on finding the right tutors because I know there are real successful affiliate marketers out there who sincerely wanted to impart some lessons to those who are willing to learn it.

What I did was search the internet more vigorously for the membership coaching sites that I think will work for me. In the past year, I might have tried 5 affiliate mentoring sites, subscribing to each and then looking around for the kind of content they have that I find might be useful.

I hangout mostly in the forums and tutorial area but mostly in the forums because it is there that you will find nuggets of wisdom from different members of the mentoring site. If I find that there are discussions I can use, I’ll keep being subscribed for a month or two and then cancel after copying all the discussions that I need.

I know that this is an expensive way of gaining knowledge but what education does not cost money? I’m eager to learn the right techniques that I’m willing to blow some cash for tips and tricks that I know were not available someplace else (ebooks are a no-no to me now). We go to college and spend thousands of dollars to get some degree but what assurance do we have that you will land a good paying job after graduating? Does that sound familiar?

To make a long story short – out of the 5 membership sites, I stayed with only two I know will keep me knowledgeable and updated in affiliate marketing for years to come. This two does not tell you that it’s easy to become an affiliate. Instead, they both remind members that their system is not a “get rich quick” method. That we have to work hard as affiliates so that we can build a long term business.

I kept my membership with them because not only are the contents in the site are up to date but so are the tools that are available for the exclusive use of the members and the step-by-step blueprints of actual offers that we can use as a pattern for our own niche offerings!

Next time, I will write about each of this two coaching sites I am a member of. I’ll write facts about what to find in each without bias to any of them.

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