Finally after a very long time of researching, learning, testing and many hours of hard work – I was able to find a profitable niche that I can improve on and possibly create a site for in the long term.

This is one of the case study test sites that I am talking about in a post I did on 12Aug2008 where I used Gauher Chaudhry’s system of a landing page.

I wrote in that post that I would be creating a project on dog training but our offline family business and other pre-occupations kept getting along the way which have kept me from pursuing my original intention. I sincerely apologize for that.

Going back to the project, Gauher’s theory seems working because each of the 166 keywords (166 only! Pathetic!) was rated as either Good or Great by Adwords Quality Score. And to think that I was only using 1 landing page for all those keywords. But I intend to keep adding more keywords so that I can test this landing pages’ maximum potential.

Keyword research is something that I should keep improving on and I admit that this is the part where I keep dilly dallying. I am extra careful in using the keywords to use during the initial deployment of my test sites because I don’t want to be penalized with my Quality Score. Even in the landing page, I made sure that every keyword in my campaign can be found by the Google bot in case it comes to visit my site.

Damn, it’s finally paying off! I love this game! Of the original four niches that I tested so far, only this one can be judged as a winner for now. I hope to improve searching for niches better.

I didn’t make thousands of dollars in this study, in fact not even a hundred dollars. But for a single website to make almost $55 in a month surely beats the income of my mostly Adsense only sites. That for me is an improvement by itself. Now, I have to find offers to promote for all my Adsense sites and send traffic to them via Adwords, outside of organic traffic. Who knows, I might be able to re-create the past profits I enjoyed before Google clamped down on Adsense earnings.

Below are screenshots of my Adwords expenses for this particular niche and the other screenshot is from the affiliate network of the offer I am promoting.

I have to do better next time.

Google Adwords For September 2008

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Affiliate Marketing Payout For September 2008

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