PPC Coach has a new month 1 pay per click technique! That’s what greeted me in my email after coming back from a 2 week business and leisure holiday in my homeland – the Philippines.

That means there’s something new to learn again from this already “loaded” mentoring program for the benefit of it’s members.

The PPC Coach mentoring program, like what I mentioned in my earlier review of it, is a very helpful program in pay per click marketing by coach Will and his other partners who are all outstanding PPC marketers themselves.

I have to admit that I learned the right ways of promoting affiliate products in pay per click marketing through them. The most important of which being keyword research, some “super affiliate” techniques and testing or monitoring a campaign utilizing the best tools in PPC marketing.

What I admire most about this coaching program is the openness of knowledgeable members in sharing their wisdom in the affiliate marketing industry. That and the regular enlightening words and methods shared by the coach and others in the forum really make this bunch of marketers a group to reckon with.

I will cite an example of a priceless tip that the coach shared inside the forum – affiliate marketing information that not every “guru” would give away:

This was during the time when another PPC mentoring class (high profiled promotion, offered lots of prizes and giveaways to their affiliates who’ll send costumers their way, promoted by every known marketers who don’t really care if you need the program or not – they just care about the commission and prizes they’ll get) whose main “affiliate superstar” was proclaiming that he only needs to promote 2 or 3 campaigns to create a long term business.

In his post, the coach explained that if you’re just starting, 2 or 3 campaigns will not sustain a long term business because if one of the campaigns fail (which is a big probability), you’ll lose a a big chunk of your income immediately. That is bad for your motivation, isn’t it?

What the coach suggested, and you’ll get to read this post in its entirety in month 1 – is to create at least 10 different campaigns with every single one of which is making at least $100 per day profit. He said that he had experienced doing big numbers in one campaign, made money but got burned afterwards – and it is not the right way to create a real affiliate marketing business.

He said that if an affiliate marketer or blogger was boasting that one or two or three campaigns is good enough for a long term business – he or she is playing with fire and will soon learn that to maintain being a player in this industry, diversification is the key.

He further described how members of the coaching program can go about diversifying by utilizing all the lessons and techniques available in months 1, 2 and 3 in which altogether contain valuable campaigns they can expand on.

You can read the whole post, including all the resulting discussion, in month 1 of the PPC Coach membership program.

Many more pay per click marketing tips and techniques can be found inside the forum which has more than 50k priceless posts already.

Meanwhile, I will have to end this post and find out more about the latest technique in PPC Coach month 1 – probably another tried and tested campaign by the coach himself or of one of his partners.