It’s been a while since a new post had been added to this blog – September 2008 being the last. I have been busy with paper works with our home based travel agency and also scaling up the niches that are proven profitable for my affiliate marketing adventure so, I neglected this blog for a while but that doesn’t mean I forgot about it. Besides, I have not started the dog training promotion that I promised I will feature for my next affiliate marketing project.

So now, for this post, I will document how I prepared the dog training product promotion and how I set this up in an Adwords campaign with emphasis on obtaining a good quality score to bring down PPC costs and drive a good amount of traffic by selecting a highly searched keyword.

This post will probably be divided into parts because I plan to cover a full scale affiliate marketing case study. So, without further talk, let’s get on with it.

Disclaimer: In no way am I claiming that this project study will make me or you any money – should you decide to use it as a blueprint. The contents of this study is only to show you how I approach and implement my affiliate marketing techniques when I promote a product in a PPC campaign. As in any kind of business and money making endeavors, there is always risks and your success depends on several factors that I don’t have access to because I don’t personally know you. All datas and information presented here are accurate as of this writing. It is possible also that there are some innaccuracies that I missed while I did this project. Also, I don’t have control over any changes in data and information from entities I featured here so it falls into you to verify and do your own research before following the procedure here. This case study is for educational and informational purpose only and does not in any way intended to be treated as an advice.

With that legality out of the way, let us now proceed and go ahead with my case study.

Selecting A Niche

I will not go over how I selected the niche that’ll be featured here because there’s probably a gazillion information about how you can select a good niche online. But if in case you need some guidance in niche selection, a teleconference transcript on selecting a niche from The Black Ink Project can be listened to and viewed here.

For this project, I have pre-selected a dog training product from Clickbank and is being offered by Kingdom Of Pets. Although I’ve never promoted any of Kingdom Of Pets product/s before, I like their affiliate program specifically because of the amount of marketing paraphernalia, creatives and promotional materials that is available in their affiliate site for use by their affiliates.

You can rarely find this kind of support coming from merchants and this kind of support is very important because it will benefit specially a new affiliate marketer by learning different methods of promoting a product.

To see what I mean, just go to Kingdom Of Pets Affiliate Site – sign up and at the same time subscribe to their newsletter to receive affiliate marketing tips.

So, the affiliate URL to promote Secrets To Dog Training is

If you want to monitor where your clicks or sales are coming from, you may use a tracking ID with your affiliate link, like this: This will help you know where your clicks are coming from.

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