(Part 1 of Dog Training Project Study)

Selecting The Keyword

Moving forward, I will now choose a keyword (or keywords) that I’ll use in my Adwords campaign to promote this dog training product. Since I will be promoting Kingdom Of Pets dog training product, I will take advantage of the merchants affiliate resources and will use their keyword suggestion tool to research the market.

This is not normally what I do to research a keyword/s to target my campaigns. Most usually, I use various keyword tools for my keyword/s research (I’m sure you already have a favorite keyword tool for research). But like I said, Kingdom Of Pets have a very good affiliate resources and have done most of the work and all an affiliate has to do is concentrate on marketing their product/s.

So, from Kingdom Of Pets keywords – I chose “dog training behavior problems” (screenshot 1) and plugged that in Google keyword tool, I looked at the result and liked the keyword “biting puppy” (screenshot 2) because I saw that there is not too many competition for this keyword and it has a decent amount of search result on average plus the approximate CPC is only CAD$0.56

Kingdom Of Pets Keywords (Screenshot 1)
Google Keywords Tool Result (Screenshot 2)

Next, I typed-in “biting puppy” in Google search to find out the actual search result for this keyword (screenshot 3), finds it satisfactory with 5 paid ads and about 623,000 organic sites. To further research this keyword, I logged in my Adwords account so I can access the Google Traffic estimator tool, typing in 3 variations of the keyword – broad, phrase and exact (screenshot 4).

Inputting a CPC of CAD$0.50 and CAD$20 per day spend, the estimated click per day is from 14 – 18 (screenshot 4). Not bad for a test campaign. From there, I’m now going to prepare my landing page.

Google Search Result (Screenshot 3)
Google Traffic Estimator Result (Screenshot 4)

What I Know About Google Quality Score

Before I go ahead to start brainstorming about the landing page to use here, I wanted first to discuss a bit about a method I learned from other affiliate marketers about getting a good Quality Score in Adwords. Google’s quality score is about relevancy of your website or landing page with the keyword/s you are going to use in your campaign. That for me means, if your website URL, website contents and campaign keywords are relevant to each other – you will not have a problem getting a good (or even a perfect) Quality Score.That being said, I registered the domain name BitingPuppy.net because the .com TLD is already taken. I am very particular with scoring high in Adword’s QS that’s why I make sure that my domain URL contains the keywords in my campaign and product promotion.

You may also use a domain name you already own and just add a folder name or a sub-domain containing your campaign keywords like this: YOURDOMAINNAME.com/bitingpuppy/ or bitingpuppy.YOURDOMAINNAME.com but by so doing, it would not be possible to garner a very high quality score which I am so obsessed in always getting.

If you have a domain name on a niche you are promoting and wanted to test the product first, I’d suggest to just use a folder or domain name in your campaign. That’ll do the job, too.

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