(Part 3 of Dog Training Project Study)

Preparing Adwords Campaign For The Project

Creating the campaign in search marketing is not the last step in affiliate marketing with PPC. This is just the beginning of the almost never ending testing and modifying of an affiliate marketers promotion – where the ultimate goal is to produce a highly converting, cheaper costing campaign.

In short, more money in your pocket and less in advertising.

In the short time that I focused my attention to PPC – reading affiliate marketer blogs, testing my campaigns and promotion, following the tutorials in pay per click advertising from PPC coaches, etc. – one thing that I noticed is that, there is no single working formula to be successful in this industry. All, and I will say all of the successful PPC marketers have always different ways of finding his or her own success in this very exciting field.

All of them have developed their own methods, created or outsourced tools and/or other legwork and have even spent large amounts of money in PPC to find that high performing campaign. It always seems to be different from affiliate to affiliate.

But one thing is for sure. If you will involved yourself in this, be prepared to work hard, be patient and persistent until you discover your own method of creating a successful campaign and product promotion. Do not be afraid to fail or to keep testing or even change your work because only through constant monitoring and modification will you be able to reach your goal of making money almost automatically.

With that out of the way – let us now go to the last leg of the campaign I created for this case study. There won’t be much to write anymore because most of the important topics were already posted in part 1, part 2 and part 3.

I will only show 3 keywords – broad, exact and phrase – for the screenshots and the video for now because I didn’t really researched thoroughly the keywords to use because it is very time consuming.

I’m not touching the topic of keyword research here because I admit that I’m not very good at this part yet although I pretty much have successfully chosen undiscovered keywords through repeated research. Like most who have aspiration in this field, I’m still learning like every rookie marketer.

Watch The Quality Score Video By Clicking Here

Google Adwords Keyword Selection (Screenshot 5)

Google Adwords Pricing Set (Screenshot 6)

Screenshots 5 and 6 will show how I set up the Adwords campaign for BitingPuppy.net but I was not able to capture the screen from the beginning and missing were “Target Customers” and “Create Ad” – although the ads I wrote shows at screenshot 5. For this campaign, I targeted only the U.S. and Canada.

That’s about it for this campaign project, and I want to add that though I only showed only 1 keyword, I am going to add more keywords to this campaign using the same landing page and I will use any number of keywords I will discover as long as those keywords will keep Quality Score at acceptable levels. I’ll keep it online, too, until I have used up a budget of $100 and see if it make any sales.