Have you ever had submitted spun articles in bulk at a leading article directory and have majority of them approved?

My former partner did. And I have a screenshot proof and the link to it. I’m not going to show it though, because the articles might get deleted and the author might be banned from posting again. The only clue I’m willing to drop is that the topic is about pets. That’s it.

How did we do that experiment?

By careful and focused work in article spinning – a method of article writing that could mass produce unique articles derived from one root article. Same article message, thousands of different unique structure.

Creating unique articles thru article spinning have been what some internet marketers and link builders have been pursuing and trying to perfect since the advent of what they believe is duplicate content penalty by the search engines, specially by Google.

Duplicate content per se is not being penalized by the search engines by removing the sites from their index. In real situations, even if several websites contain the same content, each of those pages of the website with the same content still exist in their index.

It’s just that, the superior duplicate page – meaning the website having more authority than the others, would trump all the other sites when they fight for keyword ranking in Google.

Let’s say, I originally posted an article in my website, and then I decided to post the same article in an authority article directory site, after I found that Google already indexed the post in my site.

When it comes to keyword ranking, the post at the authority article directory would be first in the search results before the same post in my site because in the search engines’ eyes, it has more authority than my website – even if it was indexed there first.

Simple as that.

Anyway, webmasters and SEO practitioners in the know, want to avoid that from happening. That’s why, some thought of spinning the same article once, twice or lots of times before submitting them to article syndication sites and article directories to get more bang for their link building effort.

Spun articles can be used at article syndication sites for more backlink power as well as traffic. Some link builders use this kind of services for decades and it’s only now that webmasters are beginning to use them.

Article spinning comes in many different methods, as was already discussed in link building services site. It’s not really difficult to master but – it’s very time consuming, especially if you’re trying to beat the 55% duplicate content.

For me, above 50% is the target. The article spinning software of other article syndication membership sites can only output a maximum of 35% unique. Maybe good enough for their system, but not good enough if you will use it for your own money sites.

How do you achieve more than 50% unique, then? By a combination of sentence, paragraph and word spinning that only a dedicated and focused human writer, who’s willing to work on the spin harder than usual, can do.

That’s why for 5 different articles to be spun, can supply years of content to 10 or more websites in the same niche. If you’re a publisher who depend on regular postings for a site, this is the solution to your nagging content problem. Human as well as robot friendly articles.

It doesn’t come cheap, but with thousands of unique articles produced – it would still come up cost effective because each article after mass production from its raw form, would only cost CENTS! No kidding, you can do the math.

Unique article writing and article spinning technique that’s unique enough to pass duplicate content – if you’re not doing it yet, it’s time to take a look at it.