(Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4 of the Puppy Training Case Study)

In my last post on this case study, I wrote that I will add some more keywords to the campaign about the puppy training project. But before I went to my adwords account, I checked Clickbank to see if I made any sale on the ebook I promoted in that study.

Yes, I did! On the 11th of May – I made 1 sale of the ebook with only 1 click and 25 cents adwords spend. The impression for those 3 keywords is only 167 resulting in 0.60% click thru rate. Remember, though, that I only used 3 keywords.

What do I think about this result? It’s too early to conclude if this would be a profitable campaign, but by looking at the result, I think I need to take a closer look at this niche. I admit that I don’t know much about dogs – much more about dog training. But if I do decide to ramp it up, I have to do a deeper research on this subject. And find more keywords to use for this affiliate marketing niche.

Am I surprised at this outcome? Not at all.

I’m not surprised because I don’t expect any sales from this study. It could be just a stroke of luck that the person who bought from this campaign is ready to buy and landed on my site at just the right time. Or maybe not. I don’t know yet. I need to see at least 200 clicks on this campaign before I make a decision whether to abandon it or to crank it up. So, for now it’s still in test mode.

Am I sorry now that I used this niche as a case study to show in public? Not at all.

See, even if other affiliate marketer use exactly the same method or keywords or landing page I used for this project, or even if they outdo this study (which I do encourage for others to do) – the only disadvantage will be that the keyword cost per click will go up. No problem. If I can’t afford to match the CPC, then I’ll just find a new keyword to use in the campaign. Or alter altogether the whole promotion, without pausing this case study.

The point of this result is that – even if the niche seemed to look saturated or very competitive, there is always room for making a sale or even lots of sales if the marketer will put in a decent research and focus on the affiliate product. Heck, I didn’t even researched this niche thoroughly, yet I made a sale. What does that mean to you?

Selling affiliate products covers a very, very wide market – that I’m sure. It’s not like the very small market we use to be in when we were still back in our homeland – supplying imported products to a very small (not even 5 thousand) market of buyers.

I’ll keep on slowly building-up my affiliate income (with the help of the affiliate marketing business mentoring I’m subscribed in) until it can replace the income we get from our headache-filled travel business.