If you’re doing keyword research and are still using Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers, you better switch to Google Chrome. The reason for this is that with Firefox and Internet Explorer, Google Keyword Tool is shown as a frame which you need to scroll up and down to view your results.

With Chrome, it’s back to what it was before where the keyword search results can be viewed as a whole page. It is more easier to read the results this way than with a scrollable frame. Now, depending on how you save your keyword research, the whole page result is a much, much better alternative as well.

I use to save the whole screen as a jpg, print it out and review everything offline. That way, I can have a clearer view of what keyword or keyphrase to target in my next campaign or content site.

Try it.

Google Keyword Tool in Chrome
Keyword Research Tool

Google Keyword Tool in Firefox
Keyword Research Tool

Google Keyword Tool in Internet Explorer
Keyword Research Tool