I’m beginning to get serious and have been spending countless hours of late in the online world of affiliate marketing that I decided to create this separate journal so I may have a record of what I did while trying to make a profit out of this very challenging homebased business.

When I started to take notice of affiliate marketing, it was only out of curiosity.

I have just created a website of our Philippine travel agency business and have purchased an internet marketing training program authored by the late Corey Rudl.

It’s my first big investment in internet marketing topic at that time (more than $300) and I wasn’t even able to make a tax deduction out of it, so I felt a little regret purchasing and contemplated on returning it. But didn’t.

Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t return Corey’s internet marketing program because now, I’m beginning to understand his teachings and I’d say, it’s lessons are still timely even though internet marketing have changed a lot since (it was 2006 when I got it).

I still remember my Adsense application, June 2006 – a week after putting some ads on our travel website, I made a whooping — 50 cents!!!

50 cents and I’m so joyous to have made that – telling my friends and my wife about it.

My wife just stared blankly at me like I’m a nutcase. She must be wondering then; What’s wrong with him? He’s making $20/hr at his job and I don’t see him this happy, and now he made a few cents in a week but was so happy about it? What’s up with that?

LOL. Remembering those moments, I wouldn’t blame my wife for thinking that.

Since that time, my first 50 cents online – I never looked back. I decided that I wanted to be involved in internet marketing (I now refer to it as affiliate marketing) and would do my best to become profitable in this new found interest.

My objective then, and still my objective now, is that I wanted some source of funds for even when I am retired. Some kind of job or business that I don’t have to work so hard to keep my lifestyle unchanged.

Is it doable? I believe it is and that’s why I keep persisting. Hope you’re here to read all about it.

Let the journey begin…..