The past years I’ve been hooked to affiliate and internet marketing, article writing has always been a big concern, mainly because I work fulltime in our home based business. Initially when it was just one or two sites I’m maintaining, it’s possible that I could come up with postings regularly every week at least.

But, when it came to a point where I have accumulated lots of websites at every monetization niche possible – things became really messy.

To solve this, at first – using PLR articles as content seemed a very feasible option, but if hundreds of other affiliate marketers are using the same articles as you are, it just would not work. Websites that I put up can’t even rank in search even after doing promotion after promotion after promotion.

That’s when I decided to actively search for a writer to outsource articles writing to.

Looking for the right people to write articles for different topics or niches is a pain in the ass and downright expensive. My budget for article writing outsourcing is limited, so of course, you have to do a lot of research to find someone who is a very good writer, as well as easy on the pocket.

Being of Filipino roots, of course, I gravitated towards Filipino writers IN the Philippines. I thought then that because I speak the language, know the culture and have employed Filipinos before coming to Canada, looking for qualified writers would be a piece of cake. I should have known better.

It was a very difficult process to go into because, although there are many who can write in good English, it is difficult and expensive to find the right people who have a feel and focus of what you’re aiming for. I’m sure a lot of online business people who’ve tried finding the right candidate for article writing knows what I’m talking about.

Anyway, long story short – I found the right people and started sending them article writing tasks for my websites.

As a business person, though, I always try to find ways to get more bang for my money. Although I’m paying for very good but cheap articles already, the businessman in me still kept looking for ways to make article marketing at the lowest cost possible. One dollar ($1.00) per article is what I aimed for, no matter how many words per article it is.

For months, I kept researching for the solution to the problem until I finally found it. And what is it? Articles spinning.

With this article writing method, I will be able to produce hundreds of unique articles that I can use for the various link building methods that I’m employing to build backlinks to my sites. It can be used for article directories, web 2.0 sites and other sites where an article as content will be accepted by site owners.

The criteria that I aimed for in trying to produce hundreds of cheap articles for distribution are:

1) Must be at least 60% unique

2) Must be able to produce hundreds or even thousands of spun articles out of one key topic

3) Spun articles produced must not only be reader friendly but must also be search engine friendly

4) Spun articles produced have to be $1.00 or less per article after maximum production is achieved

For example, if I spend $50 for a set of article rewritten 5 times (that’s $10 for each rewrite), I’m expecting to produce 50 unique articles of at least 60% uniqueness from the mother article or from each other, with my keywords/keyphrase target intact and 100% human readable/friendly.

I probably spent thousands of dollars just to perfect this technique because:

1) Each sample that my writers produced, I gladly paid for even if it is not the result I need. For me, money is only secondary to quality and I don’t mind spending as long as I know that my objective was slowly being met thru continous trial and error.

2) I spent hundreds just to find the right software that’ll help my writers mass produce the articles after manually spinning each topic. Human intervention in article spinning is necessary so that the article output would also come out comprehensible and not garbage like those synonym changing softwares. We only need the software to mathematically produce the maximum article variations that a set of spun article can possibly output.

The result of months of trial and error and very expensive experiment on spinning articles is, I would say, very satisfactory because me and my team are able to reach what we’re aiming for.

All of the criteria I specified are met and above all, each niche website of mine have at least 6 months supply of unique articles (weekly postings) from just one niche article topic. And to top it all, each article, after mass production only cost a maximum of a dollar. Human and search engine friendly, too.

I also compared our work to the services of, or – the articles spinning technique that was built-in their system is not like what my team can produce.

It would be easy for them to match my technique, but they’ll surely spend the same amount of money or even more than what I spent just to perfect the system. I sure hope they do for the sake of their paying members.